Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Back-to-school Blog-A-Thon for Ayli and Charlie

Dear Ayli and Dooter,

First I would like to thank you for the opportunity you have given me to be your mom, you make everyday a joy and I love it. So as you have begun this new school year I am so proud of you and all you have accomplished in this past year, here are my thoughts and dreams for each of you.

Charlie you have learned so many new words and have been a trouper with all of your health issues. You are such an adorable young man, the way you are so affectionate with all those around you. My heart skips a beat when I pick you up each day and you run as fast as your little legs will carry you to give me a hug. I also love the way you help mommy and sissy everyday, from putting your sippy cups in the sink, to making sure the cupboards and closets are all closed.

My hopes and dreams for you this year are that you continue to grow and develop so that you can achieve all the goals you have in your life. I promise to try and keep banana in the house at all times and make sure queen (Lighting Mcqueen) and all your Fish are clean and happy. Hopefully we can master the potty training so soon and you can be an even bigger boy. Play and have fun to your hearts content because that is your job for now.

Ayli I cannot believe that you are a Turtle now, I know how you waited to become one. Already you have learned so much, I am amazed at how quickly and with so little instruction you have began writing your letters and numbers. I have them on my desk and I show them proudly to everyone who comes around. You are such a special little girl and a great big sister, your willingness to help Charlie learn to be a big boy is wonderful.

For this coming year I hope that you continue to learn the way you have all along, with passion and drive to accomplish everything the first time out. You are so smart and bring joy to all that know you, never lose that. Continue to be as inquisitive and fearless in all of your future endeavors.Continue to be leader and a good example to those around you. Help the younger and newer students in any way so that they feel welcome and included in all that you do.

I know that we are all going through some big transitions right now but we will not only succeed but thrive as each new challenge is presented to us. We can accomplish anything if we just stick together and support one another. I promise that I will always give you my best and even when things are not perfect and I tell you no, it is out of love. Just do your best and be young kids as you play and discover the world around you. I love you more everyday.

Love, Mommy